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Getting Around on the Amalfi Coast – What You Need to Know about Transportation

Amalfi Coast Travel Agent

Transportation on the Amalfi Coast is a common concern I hear from my clients.  Do I need to hire a car to my hotel?  What about public transportation options?  What if I want to take a day trip to another town?  Can I rent a car?   All great questions!  This post outlines all of your ground (and sea) transportation options.  Often the best option differs for each individual, so I’ll be outlining all the pros and cons so you can decide what fits best with your budget and travel style!


How to Make the Most of your Day Trip to Capri

Capri Travel Agent

With it’s much-deserved reputation for beauty and glamour, Capri is a must see on any Amalfi Coast itinerary.  However, all too often this magical island is allowed only a day trip by travelers with limited time or budget.  While you could easily spend multiple days enjoying all Capri has to offer, here are some suggestions for how to make the most of just one glorious day!


Amalfi Coast Honeymoon

Although we were married back in December, Mr. Tum Tum and I didn’t get around to going on our European honeymoon until just a few weeks ago. It was the perfect trip for us since I have been actively trying to get to Europe for a few years now, but our itinerary was slow enough to allow lots of down time for romantic strolls and afternoon naps.

Here’s a brief (ish) recap of our trip as well as my thoughts on our hotels and some of our more memorable meals.



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