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Getting Around on the Amalfi Coast – What You Need to Know about Transportation

Transportation on the Amalfi Coast is a common concern I hear from my clients.  Do I need to hire a car to my hotel?  What about public transportation options?  What if I want to take a day trip to another town?  Can I rent a car?   All great questions!  This post outlines all of your ground (and sea) transportation options.  Often the best option differs for each individual, so I’ll be outlining all the pros and cons so you can decide what fits best with your budget and travel style!


Getting To and From Naples Airport

In general, getting to and from the Naples airport is the most complicated part of your journey.  For the purposes of discussion here, let’s say you land in Naples and are headed to a hotel in Positano.  If quick and easy is your goal, you’re going to want to hire a car.  Now I realize most of you are thinking, “But isn’t that really expensive?”  My answer: not really.  The cost of a private car transfer is very similar to the cost of a taxi (usually within 10%), but with the added bonus of certainty.  Your driver will be waiting for you when you arrive, and you’ve already paid, which means nothing for you to worry about after a long international flight.  If it’s really worth it to you to save a few Euro here, then taxi service is also an option, but be prepared to wait a bit longer, especially if you’re travelling in the summer when crowds peak.  When you return to the airport, I always recommend the certainty of a pre-arranged transfer.  Nothing worse than arriving late for a flight!


There are other inexpensive public transportation options from the Naples airport as well, but unless you are headed to Sorrento or Capri, you’re going to find yourself taking on a lot of additional hassle to save money.  Bus service is available directly into Sorrento or to the train station and ferry port in Naples.  However, ferries only run directly from Naples to Capri or Sorrento, and you’ll have to connect from there to other locations on the Amalfi Coast.  Same goes for train service, which terminates in Sorrento.  If you’re willing to take on the additional time and effort to spare every dollar possible, I’m happy to walk you through a specific public transportation route for your itinerary, but if you’ve already spent the money to travel to the Amalfi Coast, I recommend that it’s worth it to take the most convenient transportation option and not waste your time just getting to your destination!


Travel Between Towns

You made it to the Amalfi Coast from the airport, but what if you want to take a day trip to another town or you are moving to another hotel?  In this case, my recommendation will depend on your destination.  For most everywhere except Ravello, I recommend ferry or water taxi service as much as possible!  Roads will be congested with tourists during the summer, which gives sea travel an obvious leg up over other transportation options.  Ferries run regularly between the bigger towns and are very reasonably priced.  Be sure to take note of the ferry schedule and plan your return accordingly.  Or if public transportation isn’t really your style, you could splurge on a private boat tour and enjoy a few hours at sea on your way to your next destination.


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Water Taxi


But what about getting to Ravello or another destination not accessible by sea?  I definitely recommend taxi or private car service.  Buses do travel between the towns on the Amalfi Coast, but even my most budget conscious clients have returned complaining that the buses get cumbersome with crowds and inconsistent time schedules.  You might consider strategically planning to use buses only when you aren’t in a hurry.


Renting a Car

I will start with a big disclaimer that I almost never recommend this option for my clients unless they are absolutely determined to rent a car.  Driving on the Amalfi Coast is a bit unnerving for those of us used to wide, modern roads in the US.  If the idea of driving a very small vehicle (think SMART car) along a very narrow, very busy, cliffside road sounds scary to you, I’d skip the rental car.  On the other hand, if you like the idea of the thrill and want the freedom to do a lot of hopping around from place to place, renting a car might be a good option for you.  Be aware, you will need an international driving permit.


Still on the fence about what you should do?  Don’t worry!  That’s why I’m here to help you figure out works best for your itinerary and budget!

Contact me today to get started planning your perfect Amalfi Coast vacation!


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